Popular Solo Travel Destinations in Italy

10 Popular Solo Travel Destinations in Italy You Never Knew Existed

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Italy is one of the best places suitable for all types of travelers and is an amazing country to discover alone. It comes with an array of stunning landscapes, rich ancient history, and mouthwatering food scenes. Also, Italy is considered as safest place with a low crime rate and robberies.

Whether you want to explore plentiful attractions, immerse yourself in history, or simply want to relax and stay at Italy’s famous vibrant cities, we come up with 10 popular solo travel destinations in Italy that best matches with solo travel needs. Keep reading!

10 Popular Solo Travel Destinations in Italy

Multiple destinations in Italy are best for solo travelers but we will shortlist 10 of the best and famous ones, based on the personal travel experience. The following are these:

1. Rome:

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Rome comes with famous historical and cultural attractions that one should explore when visit Rome for the first time.

This top-of-the-list destination is safe for travelers if necessary precautionary measures would be taken earlier. If you want to get cooking class in Rome, you can as this place comes with traditional Italian cuisine scenes.

Things to Do

  • Colosseum Tour
  • Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour
  • Rome Guided Group Tour

Famous Attractions

  • Trevi Fountain
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Borghese Gallery

2. Verona:


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Verona is located in northern region part of Italy where you will explore variety of architecture, history and culture. This destination is famous for the town and home of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. If you want immerse yourself with romantic vibe or scenes, look no further than Verona in Italy as it is famous for having rich romance.

Things to Do

  • Sirmione and Lake Garda Tour
  • Vineyard Tour
  • Wine Tasting with Panoramic View of Verona

Famous Attractions

  • Arena di Verona
  • Unique Amphitheatre (Roman)
  • Ponte Scaligero

3. Siena:


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Siena is considered one of the best cities for solo travel in Italy. There are various interesting things to do in this with a quiet atmosphere and safe walks. If you want to enjoy a quick weekend vacation in Italy as a solo, don’t forget to go to Siena for a memorable experience. In this city, you will find amazing landmarks, historical sites and museums.

Things to Do

Famous Attractions

  • Piazza del Campo
  • Fonte Gaia fountain
  • Palazzo Pubblico

4. Brescia:


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Brescia is one of the famous hidden gems that ignored or overlooked by many tourists while their visit to Italy. But in real, this place comes with all those things that promote authentic Italian experience. This city is safe for solo travelers but you can ensure your safety by following some necessary precautions.

Things to Do

  • 3 Hours Walk with Drink
  • Discover Brescia Private City Exploration Game
  • Explore Audio Guides

Famous Attractions

  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Brescia Cathedral
  • Castello di Brescia

5. Bari:


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Bari is Puglia’s capital and situated in Southern Italy. This solo travel destination is totally safe for solo travelers as this city is a port city. In this vibrant city, you will not feel yourselves alone and won’t get bored. This city connects Italy to four different countries: Albania, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.

Things to Do

  • Try Typical Street Snacks
  • Boat Cabe Tour
  • Speedboat Cruise to Caves

Famous Attractions

  • Largo Albicocca (for foodies)
  • Cattedral Flats
  • Basilica San Nicola

6. Venice:


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Venice is one of the popular cities in Italy with solid infrastructure in the form of high-class transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing opportunities.

In this bustling city, it’s impossible that solo travelers will get bored. In this city, you can take a boat ride and enjoy mesmerizing lake views with the best tranquility options.

Things to Do

  • Short Water Taxi Ride
  • Take Gondola Ride
  • Grab a Table in Famous Restaurants

Famous Attractions

  • St Mark’s Basilica
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Rialto Bridge

7. Matera:


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Matera is not only Italy’s city but also home to a UNESCO world heritage site with unique, fun, and engaging things that can make solo travelers’ experiences memorable. Also, it is famous because of the spectacular and oldest places in the world with old cultural traditions. In this city, you can explore stone houses, caves churches, and numerous cave homes.

Things to Do

  • Explore Unique Churches
  • Relax at Cave Bars           
  • Hike the Trails  

Famous Attractions

  • Sassi di Matera
  • Casa grotto Ni Sassi di Matera
  • Casa Noha

8. Pisa:


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Pisa city in Italy is famous for having top-class universities all over the city. If you are one who want make new friendships in Italy, Pisa City is one of the best options where young minds connect with each other. The two main things that set this city apart from other cities i.e., fun and excitement that you can merely see in other Italy cities.

Things to Do

  • Walk Along the Arno River
  • Day Trip to Livorno or Lucc
  • Cattedral of Pisa

Famous Attractions

  • Piazza dei Miracoli
  • Pisa Tower
  • Tuscany Colored Villages

9. Milan:


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If you want to experience architecture, culture, and adventure on your own, Milan is one of the best cities that you should explore in Italy for an unforgettable journey. In Milan city, you can explore cobbled streets, charming canals, and a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes to choose from, so in this vibrant city, you will not get short with ultimate fun.

Things to Do

  • Day Trip to Lake Como
  • Explore Charming Villages
  • Take a Cable Car Up

Famous Attractions                          

  • Ostello Bello
  • Duomo
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

10. Bologna:


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This city is famous as “Red City” because this city’s historic center is dominated by red structures and buildings painted in different unique colors. If you want to explore the smaller city, you can go and explore this city as this city is small which is generally best for a safe solo travel experience where you can easily find anything.

Things to Do

  • Climb to Asinelli Tower Top
  • Visit Medieval Old City
  • Take a Food Tour

Famous Attractions

  • Il Canale Hotel
  • Two Towers
  • Museo Ducati

Final Words!

If you are planning a solo trip to Europe with a comfortable environment, picturesque views, and unique culture, go and explore Italy without any second thought. This bustling country is totally different as compared to other European countries that makes it one of the best choices for solo travel.

The above-mentioned cities are the 10 popular solo travel destinations in Italy with amazing food scenes, thrilling landmarks, architecture, history, and much more that you want to explore in Italy for an unforgettable adventure.

Book your tickets now, pack your bags, and explore Italy to enjoy an unforgettable solo travel itinerary. Have happy and safe travels!


1. Where in Italy is best for solo travel?

Various solo travel destinations in Italy can explored by any traveler. You can explore some of the famous and largest cities named as Milan, Florence, Venice, Pisa, and Bologna. In these cities, you can do various unusual things and explore famous attractions.

2. What is the best city in Italy for singles?

For singles, there are various cities in Italy but as per our travel recommendations, Siena is one of the best cities for singles in Italy with a safe atmosphere, walkable streets, and weekend vibes. In this city, you will not get bored.

3. Can you solo travel to Italy?

Yes, you can solo travel to Italy as it is considered one of the best and safest European countries. You can make your solo trip unforgettable in various ways in Italy like enjoying the nightlife scene, vibrant culture, and amazing history.

4. Where in Europe is best for solo travel?

In Europe, there are various solo travel places you can explore on your own. Some of the famous places are Rome, Dubrovnik, Porto, London, Bruges, Reykjavik etc.

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