12 Safest Place to Take Kids Abroad

Where is the Safest Place to Take Kids Abroad? 12 Places that Are Totally Safe

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Traveling abroad with kids and family can be magical and exciting. But the question is what makes a safe travel for kids?  

A safe place or destination originally is a place where you can travel with your kids and family safely without any crime and terror issues.

Do you want to know where is the safest place to take kids abroad? There are various safest places on earth where you can take your kids and enjoy your travel journey without any threat.

In this blog, we are going to guide you about some safest places on earth where you can take your kids. Keep reading!

1. Norway:


Norway is one of the best family-friendly and kid-friendly destinations where you can enjoy a holiday vacation with your kids to the fullest.

From stunning scenery, friendly locals, and various outdoor activities, there’s a lot to explore in this vibrant place. Also, one of the interesting things about Norway is that the crime rate is low.

Preferred Age: More than 5

Tip: Crime rate is lower but you should take extensive care in crowded places. Overall, Norway is a safe country to explore.

2. Switzerland:

Switzerland - Picturesque Mountains and Efficient Transport

It might be difficult for you to find a destination as beautiful as Switzerland. Switzerland is ranked as one of the safest countries in Europe.

Not only Switzerland is safe to explore but also picturesque villages, fun-filled natural spots, and sceneries make it a beautiful country to explore. When children in Switzerland reach the age of 5, they walk to school without parents.

Preferred Age: Less than 5

Tip: Undoubtedly Switzerland is safe but we advise you to leave your jewelry at home or ensure that other valuable items are safe at your rental property.

3. Australia:

Australia is one of the best destinations for young kids and you won’t get bored and disappointed in this vibrant country. In Australia, you can enjoy a beach picnic with your kids and find unique animals.

If your child wants to eat something on the road along with some fun, there are various eatery places where you can eat something while your kids are enjoying.

Preferred Age: 4

Tip: There’s no need to rent a car in Australia as you can easily find various transportation options all around Australia.

4. Canada:

Visit in Canada Right Now

Canada is one of the best options if you want to explore the nearest country with your kids without going too far. From larger metropolitan areas to stunning national parks, Canada will immerse itself with enriched kid-friendly experiences.

In Canada, you can explore various kid-friendly attractions like Banff National Park, Canmore National Jasper Park, etc.

Best Time to Visit: June to September

Preferred Age: 7

5. Bali:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is famous for having stunning beaches, animals in monkey forests, and a great sense of peace.

It is recommended for those kids who are not kid-friendly anymore and want to enjoy various kid-like activities. While enjoying with kids, you can also enjoy Bali’s vibrant cultural scenes as a parent.

Preferred Age: 9

6. Amazon Rainforest:

Amazon Rainforest

If your kids love animals, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the best options to go for. You can take your younger kids to a safari park where your kids will explore different animals.

If visiting to Amazon Rainforest is out of your budget, you can visit Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest where your kids can enjoy various adventurous activities.

Preferred Age: 10

Tip: You need to do your kid’s vaccinations and medications earlier, especially for Africa travel.

7. Paris:

Paris, France

Paris boasts amazing museums, kid-oriented activities, and vibrant shopping scenes. Paris is for any age kid but it is recommended to bring those kids who are more than 10.

The reason is that age 10 kids can explore and enjoy plentiful attractions and spots where they can enjoy their time with sightseeing views that cannot be best for under 10 age kids.

Preferred Age: 12

8. India:

Taj Mahal India

India is one of the favorite places especially for Asian kids where you and your kids will be welcomed in a chaotic environment. It’s difficult to find beaches in India as India boasts pure culture and vibrant Asian street life scenes.

If you want your kids will enjoy mesmerizing sunset views, go and explore the Taj Mahal. Also, you can take your kids on the camel ride in Rajasthan dessert.

Preferred Age: 14

9. Maldives:

The Maldives

Maldives is one of the best travel destinations for couples, honeymoon tours, and kids. At this place, your kids can enjoy various kid-friendly activities like bike riding, exploring overwater villas, and exploring kid-friendly foodie destinations.

You and your kids won’t get bored at this beautiful place and embark on one of the most memorable kid-friendly tours in your life.

Preferred Age: 16

10. Singapore:


Due to viable weather conditions, low crime rate, and family suitability, you won’t be disappointed after exploring this place with your kids.

Not only Singapore is safe but also it boasts the Singapore Zoo, botanical garden, children’s museum, and Gardens by the Bay. Also, it is rich in vibrant culture, style, and traditional cuisines.

Preferred Age: More than 5

Why It’s Safe?

With a minimum crime rate of only 12% that is far less than the United States. Also, locals enjoy a high standard of living in this city which means it’s completely safe for tourists too.

11. Portugal:


Portugal is famous for having breathtaking scenery and delicious cuisines. This place is best for those families who want to enjoy family company by unwinding and relaxing. It is recommended to visit Portugal during summer when you can enjoy quality time with your family especially kids on the beach.

Tip: While going outside, you have to keep a keen eye on your valuable items.

Why It’s Safe?

Any place, attraction, or spot you want to explore in Portugal is filled with fun, excitement, and safety with a low crime rate.

12. Iceland:

The Vatnajökull ice caves in Iceland

Iceland is not a large country but this small country can make your travel experience extravagant and wonderful.

This small country boasts beautiful waterfalls, stunning beaches, amazing glaciers, and nature-filled spots that cater to both adults and kids. Whether you want to relax on the beach or explore sightseeing attractions, Iceland is safe.

Preferred Age: More than 2

Why We Recommend It?

  • Kids can enjoy these amazing activities:
  • Play in a magical blue lagoon
  • Explore Thingvellier National Park

Final Thoughts!

Where is the safest place to take kids abroad? Your query gets answered as we mentioned 11 safest places to travel listed above. These places are not only safe for kids but also let your kids enjoy the travel experience to the fullest.

The world is full of amazing places waiting to be explored with your family. By choosing a destination with a strong focus on safety and catering to children’s needs, you can create lasting memories and ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone.

So pack your bags, grab your little adventurers, and get ready to enjoy an incredible journey with your kids!


How do I keep my child safe abroad?

You can keep your child safe abroad by following some essential tips: you should put a keen eye on your kids, give them safety instructions earlier, and research the area or place earlier to avoid any possible threats.

Which country is most child-friendly?

Normally it depends on your kid’s age and their interests. Almost all the countries in Europe are especially kid-friendly but based on our experience and recommendation, you can consider Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway the most child-friendly and safe countries for kids.

What age can a child travel abroad?

Any age child can travel abroad under 18 but for this, parents or legal guardians will have to give consent as a form of security that you have to show at the airport.

What is the best age for a baby to travel internationally?

The best age for a baby to travel internationally is two or three months. Anyways, you can travel with a 7-day baby too internationally as there’s no issue in flying with few-day-old kids. When you travel with a newborn, there are chances that your kid get an infectious disease so follow precautions before traveling with kids, especially newborns.

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