12 of the Best Travel Podcasts for Families and Budget Travelers

12 of the Best Travel Podcasts for Families and Budget Travelers

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Podcasts are great source of information for someone who is traveling a lot and need updated information about best travel deals, latest flight ticket prices, travel hacks and tips. Travel podcasts can help you explore amazing travel destinations, adventure spots, solo travel vacations and much more.

Whether you are doing house chores, working in an office or driving in the car, you can tune in your favorite travel podcast and listen to the latest travel trends whenever you want. In our latest travel blog post, we’ve compiled an incredible list of 12 of the resourceful and best travel podcasts for families to listen to for helpful family travel tips and budget travel guide.

1. The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries is hosted by Holly Rubenstein every week, featuring a new episode with a new guest. In this podcast you can learn new adventures around the globe by fearless adventurers and travelers. In each unique episode, every guest shares their favorite travel destinations and some of the highlights why you should explore the world.

2. BusyLike Travel Podcasts

Busylike is a very efficient and useful platform to book interviews related to travel, technology, business and PR exposure for brands. With over 20+ million download and 2000+ shows, Busylike is rated on top of podcast interview booking platforms that connects entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

You can listen to Travel & Hospitality podcasts to learn more about hoteling and travel industry insights every day.

3. Zero to Travel


The Zero to Travel podcast is a very famous travel podcast for newbies and expert travelers. Downloaded 12+ million times and featured as the best travel podcast by Washington Post, The Telegraph and Forbes, The Zero to Travel is hosted by Jason Moore, sharing actionable travel advice and discovering new ways of traveling abroad.

4. The RV Atlas Podcast

The RV Atlas Podcast is co-hosted by Jeremy Puglisi and Stephanie Puglisi. The award-winning podcast series “Where should we camp next” and RV Vacations book are the best resources to learn about adventure on the road and RV traveling. You can tune in to discover more about sand, sun, mountains and waters around the globe.

5. Counting Countries

Counting Countries has a community of more than 100 people and its one of the most amazing clubs online. This travel podcast offers life stories of travelers who’ve been to Sovereign nations, all of 193 countries.

If you are looking to listen to amazing travel stories to unusual travel destinations, you should listen to Counting Countries podcast.

6. Defining Hospitality

Defining Hospitality podcast

This podcast focused on highlighting the hospitality industry’s most influential personalities and offers invaluable information about the hoteling industry. Defining Hospitality is hosted by Founder and CEO of Agency 967, Dan Ryan has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in challenging hospitality industry.

You can tune in every week on Wednesday morning for latest Episodes.

7. Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan podcast

Abroad in Japan is hosted by independent filmmaker Chris Broad, also a famous YouTube channel and now available in podcast form. Assisted by Pete Donaldson, this resourceful podcast brings you the most amazing stories and a taste of unique countries around the world. You can learn about capsule hotels, latest travel events and tips on how to spend your time while traveling.

8. Airlines Confidential Podcast

Airlines Confidential Podcast

Hosted by Ben Baldanza who is the former CEO of Spirit Airlines and assisted by the former WSJ columnist “The Middle Seat”, Scott McCartney, Airlines Confidential Podcast is the best travel resource online you should listen to. Lean about top travel stories, airline news, travel industry insiders, aviation geeks and passenger complaints.

9. Out Travel the System

Out Travel the System Podcast

As a global trend setter, Expedia has created this amazingly entertaining podcast where travelers can listen to unique travel ideas, learn and get inspiration to explore the world.

Out Travel the System is hosted by Nisreene Atassi, and offers expert travel tips, industry insights and great travel stories.

You can subscribe the podcast and navigate to online travel resourceful episodes to learn more.

10. The Budget Minded Traveler

The Budget Minded Traveler Podcast

The Budget Minded Traveler offers new travel experiences, learning multiple languages, trying new foods and interacting travelers around the world. With over 100 episodes, this podcast is hosted by the Traveling Jackie, the founder of the budget minded traveler blog.

You can learn about the unique cultures, countries and beautiful people around the world.

11. Altitudes by Etihad

Altitudes by Etihad Podcast

When it comes to travel, people are always conscious about their health. And it’s important to know the effects of flying on our bodies.

To help travelers understands the health risks and answers to the health related questions, Altitudes by Etihad Podcast was created by Etihad Group and is now hosted by Dr. Nadia Bastaki who is the first Emirati woman to accredited as the aviation medicine expert.

12. Amateur Traveler Podcast

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Since 2005, Amateur Traveler Podcast has been discussing the travel destinations around the world every week. This podcast covers the cultural travel, destinations and best travel advice when visiting any vacation spot.

Chris Christensen who is the creator of this travel podcast has also won the best independent travel journalist award by Travel+Leisure.

Final Thoughts:

Whether traveling along or with family or traveling on a limited budget, there are a number of helpful and best travel podcast for families you should listen to. In the above list, you’ve got some of the best podcast, and now it’s time to book your trip and explore the best places in the world on your own.

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