Can Felons Travel Internationally

Can Felons Travel Internationally? A Comprehensive Guide

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Before traveling, one of the main things is to focus on your legal status. According to law, a traveler’s legal status allow traveler whether he or she can travel internationally or not.

Do you have question in your mind “can felons travel internationally”? If yes, you are not alone. It’s a trending question that will be in the minds of many felons.

In a few countries, felons are not allowed while some countries grant restricted access. This blog post is all about felon’s travel guide legally and which countries they can easily explore. Let’s jump into details without any delay!

Who is a Felon?

A felon is a person convicted of any criminal activity in the past. Also, it’s a severe type of criminal charge. If you are not convicted of any criminal activity but have been charged with a felony at some you are still you are considered a felon without any second thought.

Can Felons Travel Internationally?

In some countries where felons can easily go but in some countries, felons’ entry is completely banned. Also, there are some countries where you are granted restricted access. So, before heading towards any country, you need to check the terms & conditions about felon’s travel.

And it doesn’t stop there, read till the end to get more insightful information about felon travel internationally.

Countries that Don’t Allow Felons for 2024

The following are the countries that you cannot visit as a felon:

1.  United States:

United states DC

The United States is one of the most visited countries from all over the world. Felonies are strictly not allowed to enter U.S. territory. Those who have been convicted of offenses within the U.S. are likely to complete imprisonment for a year or longer.

2. Russia:


If you want to travel to Russia, you have to apply for a visa and mention any criminal convictions as a felony. You cannot obtain a visa if your convictions are severe and you will be disqualified.

3. Australia:


To enter Australia, you have to list all criminal convictions at the time of visa application. If you have done offense for more than 5 years and present yourself in normal condition, there are chances that you will get a visa, otherwise not.

4. Canada:

Canada 1

Canada only allows those felonies to enter into Canada who were officially pardoned and considered to be rehabilitated. As a felony, if you want to get a Canadian immigrant visa, you must have completed 5 years of sentence and show Canadian authorities that you have been reformed.

5. Japan:


It’s the country where there is a zero-tolerance policy for felonies with drug-related convictions in Japan. However, for 3 months, you can travel within Japan without a visa. But if you want to stay in Japan for a longer period, you must ensure Japanese authorities that you are not convicted of any drug-related activity in the past.

Countries List That Allows Felons

Think about that for a minute there are some countries that you can travel to as a felon. Do you want to know which countries are these? Let me show you some of the countries that allow felons until you are committed any serious criminal offense in the past:

1. Italy:


Travelers who have completed their sentence and completed all law-related requirements will have no issue entering Canada. Only those people are not allowed who have not completed their imprisonment and have not completed all probationary requirements.

2. Spain:

Spain 1

This European country usually does not refuse entry to those felons who are convicted of minor crimes. Also, if you want to enter Spain, you have to show them how long ago you committed a crime and the nature of the offense committed. Based on that whether you are allowed to enter Spain or not.

3. France:

France 1

It is a member of the Schengen region so if you want to get into France, you must have a Schengen visitor visa in your hand. In the Schengen visa application process, you are not asked to give clarifications on criminal convictions.

4. Netherlands:


If you have any criminal record in the past, you can easily enter into Netherlands just like other travelers. But if you have a name in the no-fly list of TSA, then you cannot enter into the Netherlands so ensure that earlier.

5. Germany:

Germany 1

Germany does not allow visitors who have been sentenced to jail for more than 3 years or convicted of any public order crimes. Also, the same applies to those felons who have completed jail for more than 2 years for drug & human crimes.

Crimes that May Obstruct You from Getting a Visa

As a felon, your visa eligibility depends on the following factors:

  • Crime severity
  • How long ago did you commit?
  • Country’s immigration laws in which you want to travel

The following are some major crimes that can keep you from getting a visa:

  • Drug-related offenses
  • Murder case
  • Smuggling & fraud
  • Human trafficking
  • Offended with any other crime

These crimes would obstruct your way to getting a visa to certain countries. Yes, if you commit a minor crime as a felony and complete your sentence, you might get a visa by fulfilling other visa requirements and following the given terms & conditions.


Having a felony conviction doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot travel internationally to various destinations! With careful research and planning, you can still travel internationally.  This guide provides a detailed overview of “Can felons travel internationally?” but remember, visa and entry requirements can change. 

Always consult directly with the embassy or consulate of the country of immigration you wish to visit for the most up-to-date information.  With a little care & extra effort, you can still explore the world and create unforgettable travel experiences.

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