12 Unusual Hotels That Don’t Look Real- But They Are

12 Unusual Hotels That Don’t Look Real- But They Are

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Traveling not only means discovering a new country or new culture but also a new place to live. When you are planning to enjoy your vacation at any place, one thing that confuses travelers is where to stay.

There are various chain hotels all over the world but do you know those hotels that don’t look real? It would be interesting and surprising for you to explore unreal hotels.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you 12 unique hotels that are so unreal and may have heard in any travel podcast or seen on YouTube etc. These unusual hotels becomes more real especially when you see them for the first time with your own eyes.

12 Hotels That Don’t Look Real

Whether you want to choose a themed bungalow hotel or a scenic hotel with amazing views, alone U.S. is famous for having top-notch hotels. Let’s explore 12 interesting and amazing hotels that are guaranteed to make your stay memorable & enticing!

1. The Giant Chinese Cheerio

The Giant Chinese Cheerio
Image credit: Keaton Patti

This unreal hotel is located in China with an underground bridge that is famous for connecting two curved towers. Some travelers claim that it’s a fake hotel just because of coming up with an unusual view but in actuality, it’s real. This hotel was built to entice, surprise, and welcome tourists from all over the world.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
  • Rusty Pig
  • Krispy Chic

2. Spitbank Hotel

Spitbank Hotel
Image credit:

In the past, this antique hotel was a former seaport and will entertain you with spy movie vibes. This hotel is filled with architectural work and will give you an amazing experience that is difficult to expect in a normal hotel. Spitbank Hotel has only 9 rooms that give you a totally aw Spitbank Hotel: e inspiring experience with surrounding sea views.

Facilities that You Can Avail

  • On-site car parking
  • Internet access
  • Lucrative & attractive deals

3. Das Park Hotel

Das Park Hote
Image credit:

You see various hotels built of concrete with amazing window views, but that’s not the case for Das Park Hotel. This hotel has rooms inside sewer pipes that can offer you a luxurious bed or restroom experience.

It may be hard for you to believe but you can see it in the picture. You can pay this hotel’s price as much as you want.

Why It’s Famous: Artists Thomas Latzel Ochoa & Andreas Strauss were the main characters behind this idea. Artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa created interior design and Andreas Strauss turned sewer pipes into lavish rooms.

4. Icehotel Sweden

Icehotel Sweden
Image credit: icehotelsweden

This hotel was built back in 1989 and it’s built from Tone’s River ice and snow. What’s more surprising than staying at this ice and snow-made hotel?

Other than the unreal hotel, this place is also considered the most unique gallery in Sweeden which is completely designed and renovated by more than 40 artists all over the world.

Available Packages:

  • Midnight sun package
  • I celebrate package
  • Winter deluxe package
  • Northern lights package

Hotel Parts:

  • Icehotel winter
  • Icehotel 365
  • Wilderness camp
  • Hotel rooms & cabins

5. Hotel Everland

Hotel Everland
Image credit:

Hotel Everland was completely built on an art project and this project was completed in unlimited nights. The main purpose of building this hotel was to promote art and hospitality. You can book only one night here. If you want to make your stay memorable and art-filled, Hotel Everland would be one of the best options to go for.

Hotel Facilities:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Family restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi & parking

Minimum check-in age: 18

6. The G Hotel

The G Hotel
Image credit:

If you like luxury with some twist during your stay, the G Hotel is the option to go for. This hotel has almost more than 100 rooms with stylish theme and structure. Also, there is one spa in this hotel from where you can avail of various spa activities. Here are some things that make this hotel unique from others:

  • Dark purple walls
  • White & black elevator
  • Stylish reception area
  • Bright pink carpets

7. Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge
Image credit:

It is one of the most unique hotels in Massachusetts that look like something extra unique and special. Great Wolf Lodge is a family resort with family entertainment and an indoor water park.

From babies to teens, this resort is a completely fun-filled family resort where families can make their accommodation experience memorable.

Activities that You Can Enjoy

  • Interactive games
  • Indoor water parks
  • Family-friendly dining
  • Bowling alleys

8. Hotel McCoy

Hotel McCoy
Image credit:

Hotel McCoy in Tuscon, Arizona is a modern art hotel filled with a unique local street art gallery, tasteful decoration, and impressive entrance.

From solo travelers to entire families, this hotel has all for different types of travelers. In each room, you will get AC, a retro fridge, internet, and HDTV. You can book this hotel from $100 to $130.

Hotel Amenities:

  • Saltwater pool
  • Fire pit
  • Yard games
  • Mini fitness center
  • Club bar

9. Foley House Inn

Foley House Inn
Image credit:

This unique hotel is located in Savannah, Georgia, and is considered one of the haunted places in Savannah. Beautiful rooms, delicious breakfast, and other afternoon refreshments make this hotel a unique and cozy hotel. The booking price of this hotel usually varies from season to season but on average, you can book your hotel for $100 per night.

What’s Special About this Hotel?

  • Historic furniture
  • Antique décor
  • Creaking floorboards

10. Gaylord Palms and Convention Center

Gaylord Palms and Convention Center
Image credit:

This convention hotel is located in Orlando, Florida and you will find alligators in the atrium. Gaylord is partnered up with local attraction Wild Florida.

In the atrium’s Gator Springs and Everglade area, there are various small alligators and snakes. This hotel is not unique an amazing accommodation option but also provides countless opportunities for fun.

Nearby Famous Attractions

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios Orlando Park
  • Kennedy Space Center

11. Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort
Image Credit:

This unreal hotel in California will make your stay enticing and memorable. In this hotel, you will find various fun yurts, and all of these fun yurts come with relaxing beds and private decks with killer views.

Treebones Resort includes a main lodge that consists of two restaurants, a heated tub, and a pool where you can enjoy your time.

Price Starts from: $195

12. Beckham Creek Cave

Beckham Creek Cave
Image credit:

This hotel is one of the unique luxury lodges in the U.S. in which you can enjoy a tranquil experience. Beckham Creek Cave is designed with 4 bedrooms with attached washrooms, a gaming area, a kitchen, a grill, and a patio area. This hotel would be one of the best options to stay for a long weekend getaway with amazing activities.

Price Starts from: $1600

Activities that You Can Enjoy

  • Horse riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing

Final Words!

The world of hospitality is enriched with creativity, and these are 12 unique hotels that don’t look real but in reality, they are. If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience, consider stepping outside the box and choosing a unique hotel that’s anything but ordinary. 

You might just find yourself sleeping in a place you never thought possible! So, pack your travel essentials, bags, book your tickets, and get ready to explore these unreal hotels which are filled with magical surprises.

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