9 Must-See Cities for Foodies Around the World for 2024

9 Must-See Cities for Foodies Around the World for 2024

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Traveling is all about exploring new countries, seeing new heights, discovering new cultures, and meeting with other people. Also, it’s all about exploring food places or destinations from all over the world. Every country has its own unique cuisine and dining experiences based on different cultures. 

Are you in search of the best cities for foodies from all over the world or do you want to explore different cities’ food tastes? If yes, you have come to the right place. Let us suggest to you 9 of the must-visit cities for foodies around the world that every foodie should explore once in a lifetime. Read on!

1. Bangkok, Thailand: 

Bangkok, Thailand food

Bangkok is famous for quality street food capital from all over the world. Bangkok’s old city is famous for serving the best quality cuisines by street vendors from early morning till night. Som lam, pad thai, and tom yam goong are some of the famous Thailand cuisines that you should try when visiting Bangkok for the first time in your life. 

2. Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul, Turkey

This food city is famous for serving one of the world-class Turkish cuisines and Meze dining is one of the best options in Turkey for enjoying local food. In Grand Bazar, you can find 4,000 shops that attract 400,000 visitors daily. In addition to Turkish food and local cuisines, you can find jewelry, carpets, and pottery. If you want to avoid massive crowds, visit this market early. 

3. Mendoza, Argentina:

Mendoza, Argentina

If you are a wine lover and want to taste one of the best wines in the world, go ahead to Mendoza without any second thought. Also, Mendoza is best for the culinary scene too so you can enjoy wine with quality food at this place. In short, we highly recommend this destination to anyone who is in search of quality food, adventure, and wine at the same time. 

4. Paris, France: 

Paris, France

When people visit Paris, they usually go for scenic beauty but they forget that Paris is also the best foodie destination for foodie lovers. There are many food restaurants in Paris, France that you can try and make splendid memories while exploring the city’s vibrant culture and scenic views. With so many delicious French foods to try, you can take pictures at the Eiffel Tower. 

5. New York, USA:

New York, USA

From street vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants, New York City is one of the best culinary adventurous places for food enthusiasts.

One main thing or specialty about this city is that this city is equipped with homemade chefs who deliver tasty food. So, while staying in New York City, you can try these homemade foods. 

6. Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia is one of the famous food cities with a variety of different restaurants where you can enjoy various types of food according to your taste buds. 

One of the most famous and well known restaurants that you can find in Flinders Lane in Melbourne. While staying, don’t miss out on going to the wonderful Yarra Valley wine region. 

7. Bologna, Italy: 

Bologna, Italy

There are many things and activities to do in Bologna, Italy for tourists, and exploring food experiences in this city is one of the best culinary experiences that you can try. The Emilia-Romagna area is famous for having quality wineries so it’s impossible that it is difficult for you to get quality wineries and foods in Bologna, Italy. 

8. Lima, Peru: 

Lima, Peru

In Peru, you will find a multicultural population as you will find residents of different countries and this country is also famous for having South American food and drink destinations. Lima’s signature dishes are becoming viral all over the world and that’s why foodies want to explore this famous place once in a lifetime. 

9. Singapore: 


Singaporean food is highly diverse, combining Malay, Chinese, and Indonesian tastes. Singaporeans view traditional food and local cuisines as their national identity. Throughout Singapore, you will find various dining options. If you want to enjoy open-air food in Singapore, one of the best open-air food complexes named as Hawker Centre. In Chinatown complex food centre, you will find more than 250 food stalls.  

Final Words!

Whether you are in search of fresh seafood, barbecue restaurants, spicy soups, or vegetarian delights all the places mentioned above are one of the best places to explore

With all the above-mentioned food-centric destinations, now you will not have any difficulty in finding the perfect foodie destination according to your taste. 

Now you need to pack your bags and explore these places on your own to get one of the best food itinerary experiences. Have happy & safe travels!

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