15 Incredible Places On Earth That Don't Feel Real

15 Incredible Places On Earth That Don’t Feel Real

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The world is a canvas painted with stunning landscapes that leave travelers in awe. From lush forest, shimmering lakes, sandy and clear water beaches, and colorful Rocky Mountains, to other more natural attractions, plenty of places on earth that don’t feel real.

A world where unimaginable beauty exists on your every turn it surprises you with natural gems. All those destinations take us into the realm of wonders and defy our perception of reality. This post going to be really exciting, here we will share the top 15 places in the world that you don’t believe exist on Earth.  Let’s get started!

15 Amazing Places On Earth That Challenge Reality

When it comes to discussing the unbelievable places on Earth the possibilities are endless. Yes, no one counts the gems of nature and justifies which one is good. However, if you plan to explore the unreal places of Earth, this guide will help you the top 15 places are as follows:

1. Lake Natron in The Great Rift Valley, Tanzania

Lake Natron in The Great Rift Valley Tanzania

Lake Natron in the Great Rift Valley world’s famous caustic lake because of its vibrant red color and power. It means the water of this lake can destroy everything that comes into its way.

The rich reds of the lake’s open water and the carroty hues of its light areas are made by the cherry pigment found in cyanobacteria. Lake Natron is quite surface and deep less than 3 meters and the width depends on water level.

2. The Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island

The Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island

Want to swim around the stars? Then you will love the phenomenon “Sea of Stars” on Vaadhoo Island.  The glowing blue waves let the visitor swim with shimmering waves and make their experience the most. Without any doubt, this natural wonder looks above the imagination.

Visitors who already visited this island admitted, that this place is magical. if you plan to travel to Vaadhoo island you can walk on the beach of stars and make your way. 

3. The Kawah Ijen Volcano in Java, Indonesia

The Kawah Ijen Volcano in Java

The Kawah Ijen Volcano in east Java, Indonesia lights up with a light and dark blue glow and feels like science fiction.  Indeed, it is quite a different and unique phenomenon from other Volcanoes on the planet but with little knowledge, you can solve this mystery.

When the Kawah Ijen Volcano emits deep, blue fires due to the high sulfuric acid content, which runs down the volcano at night, creating a bright blue lava glow naturally.

4. Uyuni Salt Flat, in Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flat, in Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flat in Uyuni is vast and spread 4,050 over 10,582 km2 which is the largest Salt Flats in the world. The floor of the flat is covered with salt and looks so amazing when observed by human eyes.

The climate remains dry and cold and has low precipitation and low humidity.  If you want to experience the unbeatable beauty of nature, then Bolivia is your breathtaking destination.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey


In central Turkey, the most stunning destination is “Cappadocia”. It is the best place to visit and its natural jaw-dropping beauty feels like a piece of heaven. It is famous for hot air balloons and numerous natural formations. You can enjoy the lovely trails, castles, and red valleys that make your trip unforgettable for life.

6. The Dead Sea, Israel

The Dead Sea, Israel

The Dead Sea is located in Israel known as the Salt Sea. The Dead Sea is 360m deep which makes it the deepest lake in the world. The Dead Sea attracts a number of visitors from around the world and also they love to explore the place of refuge for King David.

The water density of the Dead Sea is 1.240 kg/L, which makes the swimming of visitors like floating on the surface of the sea.

7. Eye of the Earth or Cetina River, Southern Croatia

Eye of the Earth or Cetina River

The beautiful and exotic Cetina River is known as the eye of the earth located in Southern Croatia.  The river is similar to a two-tone dragon eye. Thus, in blue and green Springs it is famous as “Eye Dragon”. The rare beauty of the river is a breathtaking place that does not feel real on the Earth. It is one of the most water-rich rivers in the Dalmatian region.

8. Lake Hillier in Middle Island, Australia

Lake Hillier in Middle Island

The color of Lake Hillier on Middle Island, Australia is bright-pink bubble gum. It was recently found by scientists that halobacteria, algae, and other bacteria are liable to change the lake’s color.

Lake Hillier’s pink hue hypnotizes the eyes of every visitor. Moreover, it is very close to the Pacific Ocean, thus when viewed from the air, the mild pink hue of the lake contrasts sharply with the blue hue of the ocean and looks outclass.

9. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Beneath the mountains of Waitomo, New Zealand, lie caverns that are home to thousands of glowworms. These glowworms live underground in rivers and sinkholes and brighten the cave with their natural glow.

The glowworms are usually found in New Zealand, and the richness of these creatures in the caves is essentially nature’s light display. You can discover the magic, adventure, and nature in Waitomo and enjoy plenty of activities in caves.

10. The Vatnajökull ice caves in Iceland

The Vatnajökull ice caves in Iceland

The Vatnajökull ice caves are situated in Iceland and are the best spot to explore by visitors. Here you will find the largest glaciers in the world. These vast glaciers are formed in summer and become solid or strengthened in winter with cold water.

The texture of the ice is like blue glass or crystal. Overall, breathtaking to see and no doubt a picturesque spot to click photos. Sometimes, taking nice pictures of the intense cave entrance can be exciting while you’re inside a dark cave.

11. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil

Thousands of beautiful blue-green lagoons settled among sandbanks can be found in the park. The wind carries the residues into the dunes during the year’s dry season.

The lagoons are created with rainwater thus; they are only visible for a few months of the year. After that, they collected in the valleys of the dunes during the rainy season. As a result, there are bright white dunes set against night-time blue lakes and visitors can be explored on foot, four legs, or on wheels.

12. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The wonderful scenery of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the motivation for Avatar that makes it an out-and-out must-visit destination of the world. However, if you don’t prepare early, large crowds and harsh weather could ruin your trip.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a vast area including numerous picturesque spots. Gold Whip Stream, Tianzi Mountain, and Yuanjiajie are the most popular scenic spots. You make a plan to explore this wonder.

13. Spotted Lake in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Spotted Lake in the Okanagan Valley

The Spotted Lake in Okanagan Valley got its name from the yellow, blue, and green circles on the surface of the lake. In summer the water evaporates from some places and the lake looks like spotted.

When the temperature is high the water starts to evaporate and reveal the circles on the surface. It looks like the art piece of an artist who painted some parts of the lake and left some of them, Really, no one believes that it’s a real lake.

14. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is located on the coast of Belize, it’s a huge underwear sinkhole in the Caribbean Sea. The dimensions of the hole are over 984 feet wide and 410 feet deep which makes it a popular destination to visit by many visitors. 

If you look from above, the blue daring water signifies that it is far deeper than the surrounding shallow seas. Overall, the best place to visit if seeking to feel nature’s wonders in life.

15. The Rainbow Mountain of Peru

The Rainbow Mountain of Peru

After Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain Horseback is Cusco’s second most well-known journey’s end! Go to the well-known Rainbow Mountain in Peru without having to worry about climbing more than 5,100 meters (16,732 ft.).

This tour is a thrilling full-day experience that includes a 55-minute horseback ride uphill and a 15-minute walk to the Rainbow Mountain Pass.

Final Ideas

The world is home to underrated destinations and incredible places that attract number of visitors. Every country has something different and breathtaking to turn visitors’ normal trips into unforgettable ventures.

As a visitor, you will undoubtedly find lush green forests, shimmering lakes, mountains, trails, wildlife, natural formations, and countless places on earth that you don’t feel real.

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